The feet that inspire me

The feet that inspire me
My little angel and my little mischief

Sunday, 29 January 2017

On Your Christening Day

Earlier this month on our travels in the UK we were lucky enough to be allowed to get our daughter christened. This was done in a beautiful little church in the Pembrokeshire countryside. 

On our travels down to Wales it was a dark miserable January night so on the M4 I thought I must use this night well and write a poem for our daughter when she grows up. 

This is it ...

Your smile shines bright with your toothless grin
Your eyes beam and glisten with the light of innocence 
You kick your feet to say I'm excited to see you
We kiss your cheeks and hands and you return with tiny bear hugs 
You chatter exercising your new voice joining in the conversation 
You demand our attention and thrive with it
Your future is out ahead with endless possibilities
You make everyday better for being in it for all those that love you
You are our special girl 

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